Counseling Therapy

As a counselor and therapist, Jonathan Yatsky is dedicated to helping you live the life YOU dream about!  Too often, people become stopped by circumstances and obstacles along the way.  Often these obstacles are in our blindspots, which can’t be seen by the individual.  Jonathan is an expert in finding and releasing blindspots that are in the way for people and hold them back.

When most people go to traditional therapy the therapist asks, “How do you feel?”  The person then says how they feel and maybe releases some emotion, but often, they leave feeling the exact same way and can’t seem to move forward.  Working with Jonathan is totally different.  He has a diverse toolbox including counseling, coaching, consciousness and transformational tools that help him find the root of the issue and bring it to light so it can be worked on and released gently and effectively.  The path to healing can be faster and more effective than traditional therapy, as the issues are being released from their source instead of just scraping the surface.

Jonathan’s clients often express just how gentle, effective and freeing the experience can be!

Jonathan can help you find ways to gain access to the tremendous personal power you have to create the life you want to live.  Successful counseling is a partnership between your counselor and yourself.  Jonathan will be happy to be on your team to assist you on your journey to your best life!

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