As a practice of personal transformation, yoga can be a powerful healing tool either by itself or when used in conjunction with other healing systems. Many people who practice yoga find that it helps them feel more at peace in their bodies, minds, and spirits. This is because yoga helps us to be present with our bodies, notice our thoughts and emotions, and break old patterns that do not serve us. Yoga often involves a mixture of physical practice (asana) and meditation, along with other.

Yoga is an ancient system of healing and transformation. Originating in India, yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. In today’s world, many people think of yoga as a form of physical exercise. However, yoga can be so much more for people who want to look deeper into themselves and transform their lives.

Yoga can be effective in helping heal traumas of the mind, body, and spirit by creating balance and harmony. This is because yoga practices help “unlock” places in the body and mind where trauma is hidden, therefore creating a space for release, restoration, and ease.

At the Indigo Center, yoga is used as a complementary healing practice for patients who want to work on their physical well-being, create ease in their minds, understand and process emotions healthfully, and generally gain a better sense of who they are in the world.

Yoga is offered in private and groups sessions, and is customized to your needs and goals. To set up your first session, please contact Sophie at!